8:00 - Registration opens
9:00 - Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome

Summit Welcome – Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group plc.

DiversityQ introduction – Cheryl Cole, Editor, DiversityQ


Chairperson Introduction: Rebecca Perrault, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Exponential Talent


09:10 - KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: What does D&I success look like?

● Reviewing the best examples of D&I initiatives and workplace culture

● What are the key factors that have made these initiatives successful?

● To get to this level of success, what do D&I professionals and organisations have to do?

● Where do you start?

Don Trahan Jr.Director of REDI, NeighborWorks America

09:30 - FIRESIDE CHAT: Knowing your organisation from the inside out

● Why should we be collecting employee data and how does this information impact the workplace, products and services?

● Outlining the step-by-step data acquisition process, how to identify bias and maintain confidentiality

● Are the reasons and purpose of the data collection being communicated effectively? Are we sharing the findings and why is it important to do so?

● How does employee data drive equity and profitability?

● Using data to analyze the correlation between non-diverse teams, product development and product success


Moderator: Karen Brown, Founder and Managing Director, Bridge Arrow

Rebecca Perrault, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Exponential Talent

10:00 - INTERVIEW: When employees quit, but stay – how many of your employees are disengaged?

● How greater understanding and pattern tracking can reduce employee churn

● Identifying the roles/teams/areas of business with the most churn and the reasons for this i.e. team dynamics, leadership, responsibilities, targets, company

● Analyzing today’s external pressures and responsibilities – Are we taking these into account?

● Understanding professional stagnation – why are employees not progressing? Lack of opportunity? Personal choice and why? Are we asking the right questions?

● Proof that a better understanding and pattern tracking does influence teams, productivity and development


Moderator: Ruth Umoh, Reporter – Diversity and Inclusion, Forbes

Bernard Guinyard, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Goodwin

10:25 - Morning Break & Speed Networking


11:25 - PRESENTATION: Inclusive business models and the role of tech

● Discussing the benefits of a constantly evolving era of tech on the subject of D&I

● How has tech influenced D&I strategies, processes and external communication

● What new threats do we need to consider, manage and prepare for?

● Addressing messaging, awareness, cyber bullying, flexible working, employee monitoring, forums and networks – how are we managing all these areas?

● How will tech advance further D&I efforts?

Sandeep Roychowdhury, Founder and Director,Innovate2Grow 

11:45 - PRESENTATION: The Hidden Divide - Eliminating Unconscious Bias in AI

● Digital humanism: the ability for AI and machine learning to enhance the human spirit

The new moral compass for human equality

Inclusion and diversity in a world of chatbots, machines, robots and AI is all about eliminating bias

The cure to the insidious cancer of bias – three simple questions we can ask now to avoid the moral hazard of the digital age before it’s too late

Understanding how to avoid this hidden divide

Joseph Bradley, Global Vice President, Incubation Services & Technology, Cisco


12:25 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Company culture within large corporations and start-ups

● Discussing corporate/start-up company dynamics, chain of command and implementation time

● How to navigate large/global corporations with regards to D&I

● Are start-ups our hope for a more D&I friendly future

● What happens when companies merge or get acquired? Is the forward-thinking D&I work compromised and/or lost?

● How can we guarantee forward-thinking D&I strategies survive and thrive post change?


Moderator: Ruth Umoh, Reporter – Diversity and Inclusion, Forbes

Rachel Williams, Head of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Talent Acquisition, X – the moonshot factory

Sarah Hassaine, Inclusion and Diversity Program Designer, Qualcomm

Jessica Hooper, Founder, Lighthouse Culture Co. 

1:05 - Networking Lunch
2:00 Chairperson: What happens next?

What do you do once you have: collected the data; analyzed the data; understood the technology and the company culture; benchmarked your company vs other organizations; and conducted your SWOT analysis?

Rebecca Perrault, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Exponential Talent

2:05 - PRESENTATION: How to successfully get buy-in from C-suites

● How do we make D&I appealing and a priority to the C-level?

What do CEOs care about? Reinforcing the correlation between diversity and monetization

How are we positioning D&I as the go to strategy to generate revenue?

Reporting the numbers – demonstrating comparisons between teams/dynamics/culture and the number of ideas/products/services that have been curated and     delivered

Karen Brown, Founder and Managing Director, Bridge Arrow

2:30 - FIRESIDE CHAT: How can senior leaders best support heads of D&I?

  Once the C-suites are engaged, how do D&I professional round-up the support of senior leaders?

Why is it important for D&I professionals to have a prominent position within the organization?

What are the most effective ways to educate leaders and managers on D&I i.e. micro behaviors, inclusive leadership skills and language?

How do we hold senior leaders accountable e.g. appraisals, objective setting processes, etc?

Defining long-term goals and what success looks like e.g. implementing strong D&I branding, better engagement surveys and metrics trackers

Emma E. Houston, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Salt Lake County

Vickey Montgomery Timmons, Diversity and Inclusion Leader, Google

Orly Lynn, Former US Head of Diversity and Inclusion, HSBC  


3:00 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Getting comfortable with “uncomfortable” conversations

Everyone is important within the organization and should be regarded as such

o Why are we still uncomfortable about talking about Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups?

o Recognizing that not all BAME issues are equal – how BAME groups are treated differently in the workplace

o Visible and non-visible disabilities – are all being considered and supported?

o What professional training and progression opportunities do organizations offer employees with disabilities?

o Let’s talk about LGBT+ – Creating an inclusive culture in relation to gender identity and intersex

o How to take a local LGBT+ strategy and realize it globally

Reviewing the language and identification terms used – what is correct?

How do we breakdown the rift and the unconscious bias?

How do we go about education and greater awareness for all communities? – Identifying our champions

Moderator: Jessica Hooper, Founder, Lighthouse Culture Co.

Angela Hayes, SVP – Diversity and Inclusion, Brodeur Partners

Dr. Pauline Crawford, CEO, Corporate Heart International

Ngozi Okeh, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, American Pacific Mortgage

Tonya Hampton, Managing Principal, Cook Ross

3:50 - Networking Break
4:10 CASE STUDY: Empowering your potential ‘diamonds in the rough

● What is equity and what does it look like?

● How do you guarantee that everyone is made aware of professional opportunities and training?

● Workplace psychology and the methods used to overcome the threat of bias

● How are we supporting the individuals that were unsuccessful or that didn’t apply?

● The follow up – how and why should we all be doing this?

Emma E. Houston, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Salt Lake County

4:30 - PRESENTATION: Using the workforce to drive the D&I agenda

● What are citizen hours and how do you incorporate them into the company work plan?

● Reviewing examples of targeted and tracked hours of D&I committee work

● Evidencing the success of employee driven D&I projects and activities

● What do employees and employers get out of these citizen hours? How do we make it a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’?

Ngozi Okeh, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, American Pacific Mortgage

4:50 - PRESENTATION: How to future proof your D&I efforts and programs

● Once an initiative has been put in place – how is it managed, measured and sustained?

● What are the biggest challenges around continuity and what is realistically sustainable?

● How do we manage and overcome less successful results/programs?

● How to keep employees motivated and positive for future projects

Dr. Pauline Crawford, CEO, Corporate Heart International

5:10 - PRESENTATION: The evolving future of D&I

● How has D&I morphed and how will the role continue to change moving forward?

● What additional consideration do we see developing in the future? What do we need to start preparing for?

● Accountability and legacy – Pledge your plan of action for 2019/2020

Sabrina LynchSVP, Taylor Strategy


● What were the key takeaways from this year’s summit?

● What topics and areas of focus should be considered for the 2021 D&I Directors Summit?

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group plc

5:35 - End of Summit. See you next year!